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Anonymous asked:
did you ever post the promo results??

oh shoot dude i completely forgot i’m rlly sorry i can’t even begin to explain how busy the school year has been and i’ve decided to join a bunch of clubs and other stuff even outside of school i’ll try to maybe do it this weekend but i’m so busy it’s ridiculous

i’ve finally achieved “wow puberty hit her really hard in a good way now she’s hot and i shouldn’t have been mean to her” status this is going down in history


Same But Different

Photography Alessandro Casagrande
Styling Sofia Hernandez Bombaci


FASHION: Nike Blazer Mid Premium QS “Iridescent”

“If Cinderella’s glass slipper fits so perfectly, I wonder why it fell off along the way? I can’t help but think…” - Unknown

Nike continue the iridescent love with this Quick Strike release of a Blazer Mid for the ladies.

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